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With SOLAS ships all needing to meet new firefighting regulations for ATEX approved radios by 2018.


Amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-2 states:

1. All new build SOLAS ships must after 1 July 2014 have at least two explosion-proof or intrinsically safe portable radios for each fire party on board.
2. All existing SOLAS ships must comply to these new regulations not later than the first survey after 1 July 2018.


We anticipate demand of the specific type of radios that are approved to be extremly high coming closer to date of compliance.
The unlikely event of a fire will not wait for you to comply so why wait?
Anything that can improve the safety and life of your crew and vessel should be an immediate priority. Telemar is offering to perform this upgrade in order to comply at a discounted price already now. This will ensure that your vessel is compliant in time as we see the supply of these special radios being in high demand in the near future.


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