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With your safety as our primary concern, the new GMDSS-approved SAILOR 6300 MF/HF guarantees a constant secure link to the mainland from every corner of every ocean. Designed for vessels operating in Sea Area 2 and beyond and packing our most advanced MF/HF technology, the SAILOR 6300 MF/HF is a vital lifeline for all seafaring vessels.


With your needs at the heart of our design, the SAILOR 6300 MF/HF offers enhanced functionality, a unique message replay capability (a first for an MF/HF radio), next-generation radiotelex software and the ability to connect to multiple control units.


The SAILOR 6300 MF/HF provides several unique new features such as message replay functionality – a first for MF/HF radios,and the ability to connect two control units. A highly efficient power amplifier with control hardware ensures high performance and reliable communication in the marine bands from 1.6 to 30 MHz in TX mode, and ensures constant and full output power on all ITU channels.


• SAILOR Replay – 240 seconds – First MF/HF to offer this feature

• High quality graphical display - perfect night and day vision

• 6W internal loudspeaker for excellent sound quality

• Improved, intuitive and easy to operate menu structure



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