NW-4000 Ultra Compact S-VDR

NetWave’s VDR systems are specifically designed to overcome the issues arising in the Maritime environment. The Netwave VDR is designed to be placed inside consoles to reduce cable laying. The benefit is faster (and therefore cheaper) installation, ease of service and with the Power over Ethernet interconnectivity, ease to use and expend. Because of the special design, the Netwave VDR is used in new building installations as part of IBS, and is also used to replace older VDR solutions which are end-of-life, have high service costs or are non-functional.

NetWave’s system architecture is unique in the fact that the used devices are connected by means of one single cable, referred to as WaveNet cabling technology. Power and Data are transmitted over this single cable on two twisted pairs, eliminating the need for extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling models. The Netwave VDR is designed toVDRoverview allow fast track installation, ease of service due to it’s Flexible Modular Design.


Some of the benefits it features:

  • Easy replacement and compatibility with common brands on the market

  • Low intial investment cost

  • Low APT cost

  • Increased efficiency and simplicity with new technology

  • Modern techniques ensuring increased MTBF



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