SeaCall VSAT™ features


  • Ku-band coverage along all major shipping routes with 60 cm to 1 m antennas

  • Flexible bandwidth packages up to 0,5 to 8 Mbit/s shore-to-ship

  • Volume allowances 45 to 450 Gigabyte per month

  • Automatic switching and handover between Ku-band satellite beams.

  • SeaCall Duetto configurations with full integration of VSAT and Iridium Pilot or FleetBroadband for redundancy.

  • Global VSAT coverage on C-band

  • All installations powered by Telemar Office Connect™, a sophisticated set of hardware and software for security, overall management of the SeaCall configuration and HQ internet usage control.



Standard features and services

Telemar’s SeaCall product family offers a wide choice of VSAT Broadband-at-sea services.
The basic provision includes:

  • Internet Access  for e-mails, web surfing and other IP data applications

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) facilities for calls to public telephone networks

  • VSAT antenna and below deck equipment

  • Telemar Office Connect – TOC hardware and software

  • TOC Customer Portal for fleet-wide usage and cost control


 Optional additions

  • VoIP extended capacity

  • Crew calling facility with easy and hassle free administration

  • VPN tunnel to headquarters

  • SeaCall Duetto – Ku-band VSAT with fully integrated back-up system via Iridium Pilot or FleetBroadband





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