Ku-band Service


Global coverage at all times



The SeaCall VSAT Ku-band service provides coverage along all the world's major shipping routes - grey coloured areas in the map below.


In the event of lacking VSAT Ku-band coverage, the back-up system will be automatically engaged,and when VSAT is again available there will be a switch-back to VSAT without manual intervention. If and when working on the back-up system, pre-set usage/volume restrictions for Internet access, message sizes etc may be enforced. For instance, you may wish to allow Internet access only only tothe vessel’s Captain.


This is what Telemar offers with the The SeaCall Duetto configuration which includes VSAT Ku-band plus Iridium Pilot™, FleetBroadband or a cellular device that is completely integrated for seamless back-up.


The entire set-up is managed by the Telemar Office Connect™ - TOC system.















Telemar  SeaCall coverage has been extended to cover the South Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand.



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