Cost Efficient - Fixed monthly fee

This is what you get:

  • Broadband Internet access via satellite on chosen bandwidths

  • Voice over IP facility

  • Rental of antenna and below deck equipment - avoid huge investments

  • Service and maintenance agreement

Flexible packages

Depending on your needs and budget, Telemar provides VSAT packages with shore-to-ship bandwiths ranging from 0,5 to 20 Mbit/s in the shore-to-ship direction.

Generous data volume allowances

A given data volume is included in the fixed monthly fee. Our monthly allowances range from 45 to 450 Gigabyte 
per month
depending on the bandwidth package chosen - probably the most generous allowances to be found in the VSAT market.
It means that your cost per MB for data will be fractions of what you normally pay with other providers.



Stay in control via the Customer Portal

 Telemar Office Connect – TOC, is a suite of hardware and software powering all SeaCall VSAT installations.

The portal tools let you stay at the helm offering:

  • Monitoring of the onboard system performance

  • Surf control – web filtering facility allowing the HQ administrator to enforce an maintain any corporate IT policy on a fleet-wide basis, i.e. prevent undesired use to the Internet using URL black, white and grey lists.



Extremely competitive phone rates

Using SeaCall VoIP phone services, you pay only USD 0,05 per minute to major parts of the world. Again, Telemar is probably a price leader with very favorable ship-to-shore phone rates.



Improved crew welfare - Internet access and crew calling

 With data allowance schemes offering at least 45 Gigabytes per month, you may offer crew access to the Internet without adding cost. In combination with low cost phone calls it is likely that you will become an even more attractive employer focusing on those elements that are essential for crew welfare. Our card free crew calling system can be ordered as an optional feature.



 Available, reliable and secure

  • Buying from Telemar you do business with a financially strong Group of companies with world-wide operations.

  • We have the capacity to install and service equipment in all major seaports around the world

  • Telemar controls the  satellite used for service provision




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