JRC JMA-3300


Ultra bright all-in-one solution


The JMA-3300 series is JRC's newest radar, featuring a 10.4-inch ultra bright LCD, and incorporates the latest digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design.



Ultra bright display

The tough glass bonded LCD is backlit by white LED's giving 1000cd/m2 of brightness, making the radar image amazingly sharp. Bonding is a proceses whereby the air gap between the front glass and LCD module is filled with a special compound, significantly enhancing sunlight reflection, night vision and overheating as well as a reduction of possible condensation. This is a feature not previously found on this class of radar.




JRC engineers custom designed the System-on-Chip (SoC) inside the new JMA-3300 series to be an extremely powerful tool. With such a small chip, weighing less than a sugar cube, performance remains at our high standards. At the same time, the SoC technology makes the compact radar very power efficient.



Simple operation

Smooth and comfortable operation is guaranteed with the solid and responsive feel of the keys. A dedicated jog-dial is conveniently integrated as well as the function keys for one-touch access to GAIN, SEA and RAIN. The JMA-3300 also incorporates 4 soft-key switches just below the display that can be assigned by the user. Here you can specify commonly used functions, making it even simpler to navigate.


  • 10.4-inch ultra bright LCD

  • New System-on-Chip technology

  • Semi-Constaview™ digital signal processing

  • AIS and MARPA+™ as standard

  • Newly designed multi-speed scanners



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