JRC JAN-2000


High performance yet an economical choice


The second generation JAN-2000 integrates a new, more powerful processor, designed to deliver the high performance standard while still keeping the ECDIS an economical choice.



Economic solution

The JAN-2000, a fully type approved system, is a highly cost-effective solution for mid-small size ships & workboats. The number of serial ports tripled to 9 available as standard while excluding function as TCS and radar overlay. And with such standardized interface configuration JAN-2000 can also be considered as an economical back-up solution for our full featured JAN-901B/701B, as commonly installed on large vessels.



New processor

The JAN-2000 comes standard with the same processor that is also found on the JAN-901B/701B. Feedback from captains, factory testing and benchmarks show the new processor is a fast improvement. Especially remarkable is the operational performance running very smooth and speedy when changing range scale or dragging the chart.



  • 19−inch high visibility displays

  • Simultaneous display vector and raster charts

  • Multiple and wide screen viewing

  • Flexible black box configuration

  • Cost effective installation


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