New Firmware for Hughes 9502

Recommended Update. Hughes 9502 terminal. Software version


The update includes

  • Added support for XL frequencies for AlphaSat and updated satellite pointing info for AlphaSat coverage

  • Added support for the new MEAS satellite. Also fixed Web UI problem when in 3 satellite overlap region

  • Added new remote SMS and AT command: _IHDEFAPN to allow the default APN to be configured and controlled remotely

  • Added optional directory and filename fields to the _IGETFW command to allow the user to specify the bin file downloaded by the UT

  • Added the filename of the downloaded file to the _IGETFW remote SMS response, e.g. _IGETFW: 42, Complete: : bganx_5_9_4_3.bin

  • Allow the user to deactivate features with the same feature code used to active them.

  • SVN for the release is 13

Download the update files from